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2396 W Dublin Granville Rd
ColumbusOH 43235
 (614) 956-1378
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Job Title: Customer Relations/Estimator

Job Summary

The Customer Relations/Estimator will be responsible for estimating incoming vehicles, as well as interacting with customers. Excellent customer service and attention to detail are critical in this position.

Main Functions/Responsibilities

  • Greet (potential) customers at arrival
  • Answer office phone
  • Collect customer information via printed worksheet
  • Take photos of vehicle
    • Including VIN, four corners, and all damage (including unrelated prior damage)
  • Collaborate with shop technicians on repair planning
  • Generate estimate via CCC
  • Present estimate to customer, on-site if possible
  • Schedule repairs, and follow up on any unscheduled repairs
  • Complete internal paperwork for approved estimates
  • Correspond with (potential) customers, vendors, and insurance companies as needed
  • Assist with any miscellaneous front office operations as requested


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Strong customer service and communication skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Current driver license

Job Title: Driver/Shop Assistant

Job Description

The Driver/Shop Assistant will be responsible for daily cleaning and transportation of vehicles (including dealership vehicles, retail vehicles, and company-owned vehicles), as well as assisting in various facets of the Shop. The Driver/Shop Assistant will be involved in reviewing the quality of work completed in other areas of the Shop. Attention to detail is critical in this position.

Main Functions/Responsibilities

  • Transport vehicles to/from dealerships and retail locations on a daily basis
  • Review daily list of scheduled pickups/deliveries
  • Accommodate changes to schedule based on priorities, additions/removals of vehicles, etc.
  • Ensure seat covers and floor liners are in all vehicles at all times when at the Shop
  • Covers & liners are to be put in all vehicles at time of arrival
  • Seat covers will be removed from vehicle at time of cleaning
  • Floor liners will remain in vehicle through delivery
  • Ensure "Stage-of-Work Cones" are added to each vehicle at time of arrival and removed at time of cleaning
  • Properly clean all vehicles before returning to dealership or retail location
  • All body dust is removed from interior, trunk, and under hood
  • Exterior is washed and dried, including tires and wheels
  • Review areas of work on all vehicles before returning to dealership or retail location
  • Blend lines, overspray, runs, etc. must all be addressed before vehicle leaves Shop or is set outside for pickup
  • Complete paperwork as required for each vehicle at time of arrival, cleaning, and delivery
  • Update job whiteboard at time of vehicle arrival and delivery
  • Adhere to various procedures specific to each dealership location
  • Maintain professional appearance and demeanor during interactions with any customers and/or vendors, whether on- or off-site
  • Company-provided attire must be worn at all times
  • Ensure all vehicles on premises are locked and all windows are fully closed at end of each day
  • Assist with cleanliness of shop areas, restrooms, break room, reception area, and office area
  • Clean tables, chairs, desks, etc.
  • Sweep/mop/dust mop floors
  • Empty all trash bins daily, including shop areas, restrooms, and all front areas
  • Contribute to operations of Shop by picking up supplies and parts from various vendors as requested
  • Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Current driver license
  • Clean driving record
  • Ability to drive vehicles with manual transmissions
  • Attention to detail
  • Willingness to learn new skills

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